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Ghosts Recordings NYC!....  Stands for, Great Hits On Spiritual Terms,. Established in 2007 and headed by DJ/Producer Tier Ra Nichi, a professional DJ  for over 25 years, turned producer, the Journey began,..

Capire Records-Digital, est. 2015... Is the Hybrid label, designed to expose the deeper realm of the Music,.. Look for Lounge, Jazz, DeepHouse and more,... New and Fresh Producers and Artist from around the World,.. A New Face, Bigger Sound, Better Music,...

The Mission: To bring the best in Deep, Soulful, Funky, Techie, Spiritual, Dance oriented, Electronic House Music,. To You, Our Fans..

Made in the spirit for the Spirit,. Designed to feed, nourish your Mind, Body and Soul,.. As is said, known and understood by all, 

"House It's a Spiritual Thing, a Vibrant thing",.



On Capire Records-Digital.. a new release from Producer Brian Nance feat. 3 banging deep tracks, a must have for your collection,. 

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Welcoming to the Family is artist/producer EMMEH and his "Dichotomy EP! featuring two deep tracks, "Freshen" This is Big Room music big sound system, and "Please" is straight up Jazz, another must have for your collection.. 

Available Now,..
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