Tier Ra Nichi - DJ/Producer

Owner of Ghost Recordings Nyc! & Capire Records


Tier Ra Nichi Founder/Owner/President/CEO of Ghosts Recordings NYC) started out as a DJ in 1972. His first gig as he remember was with a group of friends from the neighborhood. They played at Club Players Paradise in Brooklyn.From there he went on to do promotional work for Tony Gambino who was doing parties at Townhouse 48 and Constellation Hotel with DJ Jellybean Benitz. Until the eighties when he started doing events at "Bill Davies Dance Studio" up on 86th Street,. Other Clubs such as The NinthFloor, Pizza A Go Go A.K.A. Club Thriller,. Clairemount Lounge,.

Then came then the 80'S, and Music Production. Doing little things here there he formed his first Production company AritaurMusic Production Inc. Once again releasing a few pieces on small independent labels until working at Dance Tracks when he met Mr. Danny Krivit. Hence forth "The Keys Of Sweet September" released on Nite Grooves/King Street Records 2005-2006..

While at Dance Tracks he played at APT. M15, Opus 22, Soulgasm, and Sapphire Lounge NYC, (Powder Party Monday Night's) which started with Yoski, then promoted by A dear friend "Vintage", later on with DJ Butch SOS,. Who helped take it to another level.

During this time 2006 he formed again another label Ghosts Recordings(Great Hits On Spirit Terms)" Creating some of the best in deep underground dance Music,. Some call it HOUSE!

In 2012 he signs a deal with the Italian label LadyMarySound International to release his deep house EP “It Came From There” which appears on a lot of compilation's.

His recent Imprint is the Capire Records Label, this label brings a bigger sound, focusing on the other genre's Tech-Hoise, Afro-House, Jazz, Loinge, Fuller production still encompassing that signature sound. So look for some great things coming out off the GRNYC/CPR Camp,..

Peace and Blessings and Music!,..




Sal Negro
Born in the heart of Santa Clara, Cuba in 1961, it was obvious from the time he could beat a toy drum that Sal Negro would have a life filled with music. Raised in the Bronx, New York, Sal was introduced to music by Juan Gonzalez at the SBCAT (South Bronx Community Action Theatre). By 8 years of age, he was already playing Spanish classical music. In 1976 he began his career as a DJ, knowing little about the adventure he was about to embark upon.

Sal Negro has seen the birth of house music in New York City, has seen the rise and fall of mega clubs like Studio 54, the Paradise Garage, the Tunnel, the infamous Limelight, and more, but Sal Negro has somehow remained a staple in the scene, withstanding the test of a true artist... the test of time. Headlining countless events both domestic and abroad, playing along side world renown djs, artists and performers, Sal has remained true to his roots, forever embedding his name in the history of the New York City club scene.

“In my life I have had the pleasure of being the type of DJ that has been able to really call himself a performer. I connect with the people through a spiritual connection that makes me turn what I do as a performance and not a set. Nothing else is more uplifting than performing. I take my years of performing in genres of Rock, Latin, World Beat, Electronic and Alternative and put it into how I feel while I perform.

In 1995, Sal Negro founded The Afro-Cuban Experience in using his production chops and latin strength in mixing and producing Live and Studio Recording and mixing. Working with plenty of latin artist throughout the world.

In 2013, Sal Negro founded Ayize Songaa Recordings in order to put out music of his own without restraint from anyone or any label. Most of the music on Ayize Songaa Recordings is Afro, Latin, and Jazz influence. The label also has been working with artist from other countries to bring out there music as well.

Inspired by his love and passion for music, those that know Sal will tell you "The unwavering smile on his face is a testament to the love for what he does."

Today Sal Negro continues to follow his passion traveling the world, spreading his brand, his sound, and loving every minute of his journey.

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