To the home of Ghosts Recordings Nyc! & Capire Records the Deep Underground Record labels. Created by Tier Ra Nichi..

After many years of going to, dancing, playing (djing), managing, asst. managing, running and promoting clubs in and around the NYC Tri-State area, he decided to start his own record label.

Ghost Recordings Nyc! The first imprint was established 2007, his first release was an album called 'Groove Control" released digitally through Traxsource, including 10 pieces. Filled with songs, dub-vocal tracks, Instrumentals all including Tier's unique underground Sound! Capire Records The hybrid label was established in 2014

Featured Producers and artist are Smud9e, Kisha Toure, 6.0, RedMoon, I.M.E. G.Steven R. 7th Heaven, The Infinity Group...   Here you'll stay in touch with the happenings going on, Exclusive releases, club dates, events,.. 

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What's Up!

Some big things coming soon,. We have some albums in the works filled with, funk, jazz, Lounge, Hip-Hop, and the deep-house banger tracks Tier Ra Nichi is known for. Also new music from G.Steven R., 7thHeaven, 6.0, The Infinity Group, I.M.E. and other producers and artist from around the World!

Out Now,. New music from producers Sal Negro - "Forever In My Heart" & "Orlando's Rain"..  Producer Xander James from Australia provides us with his first release, a deep tech-house piece entitled "Groovin" both available on Capire Records at your favorite digital store.

Check out the Exclusive's available only here, on Capire Records and Ghost Recordings Nyc! from, Tier Ra Nichi "The Bomb" three dance floor Gems,. Next up: "Love & Make It Last" with two dance floor Banger's. "Deep Tribal Ryhthmz" including a mix by Chris Perry, and the dance floor hit!..."It Came From The Congo" made for the dancer in You!..

So come on in, lets hang out.. Check out the #1 video GRNYC! artist, poet Kisha Toure -"Night Fall"

Available at:

& Tier Ra Nichi - "As We Play"


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NightFall Sweat Mix 2011 Re-Mastered

From the Funk Rhythm and Keys EP. - As We Play