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To the home of Ghosts Recordings Nyc! & Capire Records the Underground Dance Labels.!

Created by Tier Ra Nichi..

"Great Hits On Spiritual Terms",.



Ghosts Recordings NYC!.... 

The first Imprint was established 2007,. His first release on the Ghost Recordings Imprint was the album "Groove Control"  available on the digital site Traxsource. This ten piece Ep. is filled with songs, (yes I sing sometimes) dub-vocal tracks, instrumentals featuring, all Tier's signature Sound!


The Hybrid Label...!

Capire Records-Digital

est 2015,.

Look for Lounge, Jazz, Deep-House,Tech-house,...

New and Fresh Producers and Artist from around the World,..

A New Face, Bigger, Deeper Sound, 


Producers and Artist

Kisha Toure, Smud9e, Brian Nance, Xander James, 6.0, Sal Negro, I.M.E, RedMoon, G.Steven.R. Ucros, EMMEH, 7th Heaven, The Infinity Group, Taurean


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Exclusive releases, club dates, events and more,.. 


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Peace and Blessings!...

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