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Check out the Exclusive release's from, 6.0 "Morph Into Something Else" and the dance floor banger "Inspiration"  - Vox Mix & Deep Dub Vox Mix by Tier Ra Nichi  Certified by Dj Roze-Royce all on Capire Records! & "It Came From The Congo" by Tier Ra Nichi on Ghost Recordings Nyc!

So come on in, lets hang out.. Check out the #1 video GRNYC! artist, poet Kisha Toure -"Night Fall"

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& Tier Ra Nichi  -"Everything's Gonna Be Alright"  w/mixes by Shino Blackk &  Derek Sampson  & Roberto Reyes,...

Available at: 
http://www.traxsource.com/title/181572/everythings-gonna-be-alright    and all your favorite Digital Store's,...

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NightFall Sweat Mix 2011 Re-Mastered

Everything's Gonna Be Alright Official Promo

The Mosaics EP!